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The Garden

The area occupied by the garden was once a field used for cultivating crops. This was transformed by Maria Giulia da Sacco, a landscape architect who created a space suitable for the farm’s new use as holiday accommodation with a careful selection of plants and the creation of paths and areas offering privacy. The conservation of the local habitat combined with these new spaces resulted in a sustainable garden requiring minimal maintenance, but which is – above all – a place that can be enjoyed by the guests.

The Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is located north of the property and has been designed to be slightly ‘detached’ from the other areas, so as not to disturb those who prefer peace and quiet. Surrounded by a wide lawn and a hedge, the pool is under the sun throughout the day.

Tomatoes, carrots, salad and courgettes can be picked from the vegetable garden and served directly – a real treat for people who normally live in the city!

Agriturismo Lemene - Piscina

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